ACER H6542BDK Projector Features

Acer H6542BDK Saturated colours and excellent picture quality for your home cinema Light technology: 245 watt Osram UHPResolution: 1080p Full HD (1.920 x 1,080 px)Brightness: 4,000 (standard), 3.200 (eco) ANSI lumensContrast: 10,000:1Lifetime max. (hrs.): 4,000 (standard), 10,000 (eco), 20.000 (ecoPro) hours Auto Shutdown The Auto Shutdown function automatically shuts down the Acer projector Function automatically shuts down the Acer projector if there is no input after a preset preset time no input signal is received. This function is menu and helps to save power and lamp hours Wall Color Compensation Wall-Color Compensation: The best picture quality is achieved by wall colour compensation on coloured coloured projection surfaces such as blackboards and wallpaper. 5 optimised wall colours can be easily compensated for via the menu for best picture quality Acer LumiSense The Acer LumiSense technology uses an ambient LumiSense technology uses an ambient light sensor to detect brightness in the projection the projection environment and optimally adjust the brightness and colour Colour saturation to match. In addition, Acer LumiSense LumiSense also analyses the projected image and optimises the quality of the the projected image and dynamically optimises the quality of the image. Original 24p playback The true cinematic experience of 24 frames per second with 24 frames per second, the Acer projector delivers Blu-Ray movies in the original original cinema format smoothly, just as it was shot on the film set. See Films with 24p from the eyes of the director. HDMI 3D HDMI 3D: The integrated integrated HDMI 1.4a standard enables the transmission of 3D content from suitable playback devices, such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D set-top boxes Set-top boxes and 3D game consoles without the need for an additional PC is required. With the help of the Acer 3D shutter glasses, Bluray 3D films and 3D TV programmes can be watched in your own living room TV programmes in your living room up to a diagonal of 7.62 metres (300 feet) (300). Pure Input Lag 16ms You value detail? on detail? Thanks to low input lags are a thing of the past. Whether gaming on the big screen or watching the latest action film - you are always at eye level and Eye level and get every detail without judder. 24/7 use This projector promises the highest promises the highest reliability and delivers a brilliant image even in 24/7 continuous use brilliant image even in 24/7 continuous use.* Especially for signage applications or exhibitions in exhibitions in museums or similar, this projector can be used without any carefree. Bluelight Shield BluelightShield enables users to reduce the level of blue light in order to reduce the negative effects of blue light exposure Effects of blue light exposure. There are three filter levels in the Projector that are suitable for different scenarios. Each level also contains mechanism that optimises the blue light level depending on the content optimised. BluelightShield can reduce up to 30% blue light and protect your Eyes. Individual Startup Screen The Customizable Startup Screen makes it possible to create an individual startup screen via screenshot per screenshot. This start-up screen, no matter whether it is the company logo at the Business user or the favourite photo of a home user, is automatically displayed automatically displayed when the projector is started. Automatic keystone correction Thanks to the automatic automatic vertical keystone correction, the Acer projectors compensate for Projector automatically compensates for trapezoidal distortion when the projector is This feature automatically compensates for trapezoidal distortion and projects a rectangular image. Auto Ceiling Mount Correction Auto Ceiling Mount Correction: The Acer projector can be set up in a vertical position Ceiling-Mount Correction: The integrated gravity sensor in the Acer Projector detects when it has been mounted upside down on a ceiling and automatically automatically rotates the projection 180° without additional adjustments in the menu Menu. AC Power On With the AC Power On function, the projector is able to turn on automatically, as soon as the projector is supplied with power. You no longer need to switch on the projector the projector separately, but can start it directly, e.g. by switching on the power in the

Specification and Dimensions

Light technology: 245 watt Osram UHP Resolution: 1080p Full HD (1.920 x 1,080 px) Brightness: 4,000 (standard), 3.200 (eco) ANSI lumens Contrast: 10,000:1 Lifetime max. (hrs.): 4,000 (standard), 10,000 (eco), 20.000 (ecoPro) hours