AEG L6FBG942R 6000 Series Freestanding Washing Machine

AEG L6FBG942R 6000 Series Freestanding Washing Machine

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AEG L6FBG942R 6000 Series Freestanding Washing Machine Features

AEG washing machines only use what is needed for a good clean. The machine weighs your clothes and adjusts the wash cycle, ensuring each piece gets the best treatment, saving water, energy, and makes your clothes feel fresh and new every time.With the AEG L6FBG942R 6000 washing machine, your clothes will feel soft and smooth. The machine ensures fabric softener reaches all parts of your clothes, protecting the fibres and makes your clothes last longer. The machine also has programs that save energy and time, giving you an efficient and quick wash.AEG washing machines have a gentle drum that protects your clothes while they are being washed. With more holes than other machines, your clothes retain their shape and texture. The motor in the machine is special and lasts longer because it works without brushes and at a cooler temperature, making the machine work quietly and efficiently for a long time.

Specification and Dimensions

Specification Colour: White Energy Efficiency Class: D Noise Level: 75 dB Load Capacity: 9 kg Quick Wash Time: 20 minutes Spin Performance: B Start Delay: 20 Hours Display Screen Type: Digital LCD Display Control Type: Dial Spin Speed (rpm): 1400 Spin Water Supply (Cold/Hot): Cold Fill Installation Type: Freestanding Programmes Eco 40-60 Cottons Synthetics Delicates Wool/Silk 20 min 3kg OutDoor Duvet Easy Iron Spin/drain Anti Allergy Dimensions Height: 85 cm Width: 60 cm Depth: 66 cm